In 1997, John Anderson went through health challenges due to complications from a deadly spider bite by a brown recluse spider. This kind of a spider bite causes circulation to be cut off to various parts of the body. He ended up having nine surgeries on his foot from the brown recluse bite. Spent a month in hospital. The bite caused circulation to his left eye to be cut off too – in the optic nerve. Was on IV antibiotics for over a year via pik line receiving antibiotics and was going blind from the effects of the toxins and his Type II Diabetes had flared up.

John’s was already retired, however he founded a small company to share his discoveries and to help other people also heal themselves with Nutritional Cleansing.

 Initially, John dropped 10kg on a 9 day cleanse and no longer required insulin each day. He had 242 people do a trial where the average weight loss was 6.8kg on a 9 day cleanse. He says that there is ‘no silver bullet’ in these products, it’s the synergy of over 200 quality ingredients which are rich in minerals and trace minerals that cleanse out the toxins and restore nutrient deficiencies in the body.

John is know as the ‘Mineral Man’ in the nutrition industry because of his extensive knowledge of minerals and botanicals.  He believes that minerals and trace minerals are the foremost thing that should be supplemented in the body as 90 to 95% of body functions are dependent on minerals and rare earth elements.  Vitamins have NO function in the body without the presence of minerals and also enzymes have NO function unless they have a co-factor/bond of trace minerals to activate them so that the enzymes can breakdown the nutrients in our foods.  All long chain amino acids which constituents of proteins, 9 essentials amino acids can only be obtained from the diet and are also dependent on enzymes to break them down into peptides so that the body can utilise them.  He is the Founder and Master Formulator, of Isagenix products and has created more than 2300 nutritional and weight loss products for more than 600 companies worldwide.  With  over 29  years of  experience, no one in the industry has impacted  nutrition like John.  His  products are internationally recognized and respected as ground breaking and incredibly effective.  He has the best R&D team this industry has so that they truly are at the forefront of creating no-compromise products with superior science and technology.  It’s a world-class Research and Development Team which has more than 100 years of hands-on experience and comprises experts that represent the best in the fields of nutrition, biology, chemistry, food science, food technology, food engineering, product development, quality assurance and international regulations.

As a person in the health industry for a long time, John realises how confusing Weight Loss, health and nutrition can be for people.

He decided that he would never sell Nutritional Cleansing products on a shelf, because he wants these products to be affordable for EVERYONE. A question posed at a conference confirmed his passion as the gentlemen believed he could get $200 a bottle for one of the products on the Japanese Market and John stated that he does not want to price gouge. Plus, Personalised support is important to him, his vision of the company which is people are helping other people to reach their Weight Loss and optimal health goals.
Personalised support is always available to you.

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Margaret McNamara
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