Introducing Margaret McNamara, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Iridologist & Nutritional Coach.

If you’re feeling frustrated with weight loss, I can help.

Toxin Overload and Nutritional Deficiencies stop people from losing Weight and feeling good plus creates Stress, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety, Burn-out, Low Libido and many imbalances in the body.

This is my story, I was introduced to a Natural Body Cleanse Diet by a colleague who I had known for 15 years and trusted so I gave it a go. I was so skeptical as I’ve tried many WEIGHT LOSS programs, invested lots of $$$. 

It offered all natural plant-based remedies and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so I had nothing to lose only Weight.  I was astounded how easily I got results as I have always struggled with my weight loss.

I was frustrated that I was doing all the right things daily, eating fresh, exercising 4 to 5 times a week and constantly having to watch my weight. My body was not responding, my Before Photo was taken three years after my wedding, I had trouble fitting into the dress so I had to hide under the wrap.

There is a great saying, ‘When The Student is ready, The Teacher will appear’.  One teacher was a colleague, my ‘Weight Loss Teacher, whom I trusted and the other was my ‘Body Metabolism Teacher’.
My ‘Weight Loss Teacher‘ coached me on a journey of Nutritional Cleansing, it was easy and different from fasting and detox which had not worked for me for Weight Loss.
BIG CHANGES started to happen after 4 days, my energy was up, I felt lighter, the scales were moving at last and rather than looking drawn, my skin’s tone, vitality and elasticity improved plus my hair is great.  I am so happy off theWeight Loss Rollercoaster.

My weight and body shape have dramatically changed as you can see from My After Photo.  I get asked frequently, What have you been doing? I want what you are doing!

My ‘Body Metabolism Teacher’ helped me to understand why I could not lose weight.

I am a ‘SLOW METABOLISER‘ with a Parasympathetic Dominance which means that my body favors a:
  • ‘Rest and Digest mode’
  • Needs stimulating plus nutrient-dense foods to fuel it and give it spark
  • Out of balance, it’s sluggish and underactive
  • Body stores lower body fat in the hips & thighs (brown diagram)
  • Losing Weight can be very difficult
  • Needs thermogenesis (heat) to fire-up and get the body into fat-burning mode.

Whereas, a ‘FAST METABOLISER’ has a Sympathetic Dominance which means the body is in;

  • ‘Flight and Fight mode’
  • Needs sedative plus a different balance of nutrient-dense foods
  •   Out of balance, there’s overactivity and  possible burn-out
  • Body stores ‘belly fat’ as a protective mechanism (red diagram)
  • Belly Fat is counter-productive as it increases Cardiovascular risks
  • Losing weight is different to the ‘Slow Metaboliser’
  • Needs to calm the fire to get into fat-burning mode
The point of my Weight Loss Story, ‘Everybody is different’WEIGHT LOSS is easier;
  • When you understand your Body’s Metabolism so that you get into fat-burning mode.
  • Do Nutritional Cleansing to cleanse the body of toxins making Weight Loss easier.
  • Plus replenish with the right quality nutrients to correct your Body’s Metabolism imbalances.
I am so grateful for my Weight Loss Journey, the benefits are simply astounding. If you have questions  at all, I am always here for you to talk or simply email me with your questions.  Click here to contact me or call me on 07 3367 8118 and it will be my pleasure to work with you on your Weight Loss Journey.



Margaret McNamara


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